Sunday, 22 March 2015

As The Wind Blows

Found a beautiful spot to take photos is always an accident. A simple outfit can look really beautiful with a touch of wind breeze, right? Yes matching outfits and the view is also tempting.

I was really amazed seeing the results of these photos because they're really unexpectedly beautiful. The colors match the photos so well! Too bad I don't have a longer time to took this outfit photos, but it wasn't that bad tho, no? ;)

It's 3 weeks till my national examination! Gotta work hard for it and yes I promise I'll come back for my blog. I miss all of the things I do for this blog, like editing side bars, heades, replying comments, all of it! I'll try to change and make a new fresher blog view for you guys after these 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

Have a nice weekend everybody!


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Under Construction

Hey yo! As I promised, I came back for another post. Got a beautiful printed dress and I know these pieces fits my style so well. Uhm yes everyone's fashion is different and guess it reflects what your personality was like, no?

Talking about the pattern on the outfit, yes I have ever thought how about being an engineer. Uhm I was first interested on engineering but many people say that it was so boyish. I was once confused about what major I'm going to take too.

I decided to take actuarial mathematics as my major next year for university, and I guess it just fits me best! Like I love mathematics and the subjects that I am going to go along with. Hope that it will be a good choice for me.

Till the next post, everyone!
Have a nice day!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Come and Go

HELLO PEOPLE! Oh it's been a hiatus since I updated my blog. The reason I came back was because I really miss blogging activity even though I have so many school stuffs to deal with.

Firstly! I'd like to say Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrated. May we're blessed with prosperity and good fortune.

Sooo many things happened, and even changed. I notice that even I change. I'd like to share how's my life going on my absence but I know it's just too long.

Uhm, have I leave this blog when I was a 12th grader? Yes I'm a 12th grader now and soon (yes, soon!) I'll be facing a new university life! AAA I wasn't graduated yet but I am just too excited hahahhahaa. I'll tell you alot more story in the next post, okay? :) I promise I'll make another one.

Talking about the outfit, yes long dresses have been a lot on my closet because I currently love these kind of dresses. I know it makes me look older but it's just too beautiful to be true. Oh the print on the dress is too unique I guess, and it makes you look thinner, am I right?

Stay tune! I'll be making another post for you:)


Monday, 23 June 2014


A very quick post on the blog, talking about the very simple outfit for going on a hang out last Tuesday. Neon shorts have been my current favorite and I have most shorts on neon colors, like light pink, purple, bright yellow, orange. I know these kinds of colors are so hard to find the right match but going on basic colors would never gone wrong, right? :)

Lately I find myself getting much fatter, HA! I've never been on serious diet before, but I really want to try! Like doing exercises, eating healthy foods. I find it is so hard for me because I don't usually eat at the right time and I mostly eat again at midnight with mom or sister (instant noodles are always good at midnight, right?)

Friday, 6 June 2014

It is the Red W

Coming back with the new hair! Im so excited to post the red ombre hair because I've been wanting for so long to have a beautiful, cool, stylish hair. The red isn't like what I really want but it's still cool because it was first dark red, and when bleached the hair turned kinda light brown. Never mind, the red gradient is still the coolest! I don't have any schedule for the coming month, maybe 1 or 2 school days, so I decide to color my hair. What do you think about my hair? Do you want to color your hair just like mine? ;)

Talking about the shirt, I don't why I pick this kind of shirt to wear on this everyday sunny day, the fabric is so thick but trust me this kind of fabrics is really comfortable to wear, and it don't get easily crumpled. Oh and the letter W, I don't have any reason about the W, but I just love the red and white sleeved shirt.