Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bali Holiday Day 1

Hellooooo. It has been sooo long that I didn't post something on my blog. Not because I'm too lazy to make or write a post, but the thing is I don't have time since the start of school, so embarrassing! Since I'm in grade 9 now, I need to study harder for the government exam (UASBN I mean). School gives us extra class for the preparation for UASBN. Maaannn, so frustrated!

Oh yes, I wanna say Happy New Year for everyone :))) (yes I know I'm too late to say it -___-) Wishes in 2012, hope it will come true, AMEN! : Be a better GOD's daughter, Get excellent scores and grades at school, Get excellent UASBN score, Be a good daughter, Be a good blogger for the reader! AMEN AMEN AMEN!

Yes, I'm going to Bali on the previous holiday. I LOVE BALI SO DAMN MUCH! Bali is AMAZING! Mum, sister, auntie and me went to Bali by car. It's great but I'm sooo tired. We start the trip in the morning and we arrived at Bali the next day in the night. It seems like you sleep, then wake up, sleep again, and wake up again, but I haven't reached Bali yet! -_____- There we met auntie and cousins that have been to Bali earlier than us. So far its sooo funtastic. :)))

 I'd like to share some photos taken there. Here we go!

On the first day, we visited Uluwatu. We don't go to visit the turtles there 'cause we only have about 3-4 days on Bali and we haven't seen much beautiful sights there. Wish I'll go back and visit here again. :))

The photos above are taken by me, my sister and mum.

It's the Bali trip day 1, see also the day 2 and 3 in the next post! :))

Earlitha Olivia

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