Saturday, 1 September 2012


I won't go wrong with animal-printed top right? This kind of top, the light ones and has cute prints in it, is most-needed in a super hot weather like Jakarta. It is super comfortable although it is long-sleeved.

Do you notice something on my sidebar? Yes it's the Editor's Choice Award! Thank you so much, I feel super happy and I do appreciate it, once again thank you so much! :)

animal-printed top, paris necklace, love bracelet, owl ring, black glittery skirt, brown flats

I have got back from my daily activities after a week of holiday. A super hectic week and this following week will definitely be more hectic. 2 or 3 tests each day and also tons of homeworks, I need to say I'm much more busier than a boss, hahaha. As a student I need to fight for it although I'm a lazy student sometimes hahaha.

Earlitha Olivia


  1. I love the skirt. It is one of those items so easily styled, this one is great. And congrats for the award! ;)


  2. Love it! You wear it so gorgeous with this cute Skirt :)

    kisses :)

  3. Love your outfit and location!

  4. Aww you look so cute! Love your photos dear! <3

    XO, Mish

  5. cute top and where you taken this photos? :)

  6. this is cute :D
    btw, i've done following you on twitter sweety :)

  7. Wow,this photoshoot is great!<3

  8. good luck! Love the decors!
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  9. That's a really unique backdrop! And I like the dress! :D

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  12. love your top :D