Saturday, 16 February 2013

Water and Fire

Hello! Firstly I'd like to say a super sorry for not updating this blog for a while, because of so many reasons. But the main reason is I can't manage my time well, so I have to steal my blogging time for studying. I know my school give tons of tests, but this thing just get back to myself, I don't organize my time perfectly. I don't commit and break my promise to keep updated at least one post a week.

So this thing will be a plus resolution for me: manage my time perfectly (at least I have time to blog because I love blogging so much) I won't leave this blog because of you guys, thank you for making me much more spirited!

Talking about this post, I know it's just a simple comfy outfit 'cause I'm wearing this outfit to visit aunt at her apartment. I personally love that kind of over-sized top and if I'm not missed I have much kind of tops like this, and I've posted some on previous posts too, am I right? ;)

Anyway, is it a nice background? I love it so much, sooo nature, such a peaceful place :)

over-sized top, black shorts, satchel bag, bracelets and necklace, TLTSN flats

  It's candied, but somehow I like it :)

And last but not the least
Better late than never :)

I'd like to say 
for those who celebrate :)

I promise I'll keep updated every week!

Earlitha Olivia


  1. dear, this place is amazing..!!lovely bag :-)

  2. Cute top there!
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog anyway :)

    crunchy cheese me

  3. Great blog and nice post! I will be here more often , I'm ur new follower!
    don't forget to visit my blog too and like my facebook page!