Sunday, 22 March 2015

As The Wind Blows

Found a beautiful spot to take photos is always an accident. A simple outfit can look really beautiful with a touch of wind breeze, right? Yes matching outfits and the view is also tempting.

I was really amazed seeing the results of these photos because they're really unexpectedly beautiful. The colors match the photos so well! Too bad I don't have a longer time to took this outfit photos, but it wasn't that bad tho, no? ;)

It's 3 weeks till my national examination! Gotta work hard for it and yes I promise I'll come back for my blog. I miss all of the things I do for this blog, like editing side bars, heades, replying comments, all of it! I'll try to change and make a new fresher blog view for you guys after these 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

Have a nice weekend everybody!



  1. Gorgeous!💖


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