Thursday, 16 February 2012

Eiffel I'm in LOVE ♥

The first thing I want to say to my lovely readers is HAPPY VALENTINE! How's your Valentine day? Mine's not bad, I got lots chocolates from friends (no, not Boyfriend :p) . Not a special day for me though. Anyways, sorry readers I don't wear any special outfit for this valentine :( . But, I do make nail arts, how is it? ;;)

Valentine's Day is a very busy day for me. I have 2 tests on that day, then I join Valentine's poster contest, and also I used to take some shoots for the year end book. Actually I wanted to take some shoots of mine for the outfit I wear for the year end book, but my lil sis is too busy with her school works, I can't disturb her of course :( . The yearbook's shoots for my class (9A) is Europe, you know guys I'm so excited when I know my class gets Europe for the topic! But, when I choose what outfit I'm going to wear I don't get to match the perfect one for me --' I don't know if my outfit is suitable for Europe or no.

I made this Eiffel Tower nail art is in hurry, so I only make one nail art on my thumb -__- . For the other 4 nails I only make L-O-V-E letters, one alphabet each nails, even I don't even put any base color -__- . And if you can see, the Eiffel Tower is a bit imperfect, there's a little hole -__- I don't have much time to add a little nail polish again *sigh* .

And so sorry for the late updates guys! I know I'm a 9th grader and I have to study hard for the coming exams, and I realize there's nonstop tests from now until end of April! *fainting* And because of this I can't post much on this time, I promise I'll post more outfits after all of these tests :))) I have to work hard to reach the best score 'cause this is the last scores that I got for junior high school. No I'm not ambitious, I'm just trying to do my best for the tests, wishing me GOOD LUCKS for all of this! May GOD BLESS ME AND YOU, AMEN! :D

After talking about junior high school, I wanna share about my future high school :) . I've choose the best for me and the only thing I can do for my school is just 'trying to do my best'. I'm not going out to other city or even country, I'm still having my high school in Jakarta, a well-known high school I think *not to be arrogant :) * . I'm a bit worry, how if I couldn't do the best there, how if I couldn't make my parents proud of me :( , but maybe it's just my feeling. I know I'm too worry about something, so I have to fight my worry feelings, just do my best, and believe in GOD, AMEN! :D

Okay, I think this is all for today, it's 10.00 pm and I still have school for tomorrow. Thank you readers for reading!

Much Love,
Earlitha Olivia


  1. Wow, that nail art is amazing! It looks beautiful :)
    I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you do the same :)