Thursday, 3 October 2013

I Remember

 Hellooo! I've been missing from this blog for a month already, how time flies that fast! Being absent from this blog is totally not a great deal. I spent this whole month for studying studying and studying, I don't want to make my report card that bad anymore so I try to get really concern to it. Oh well I really miss making posts and reading other blogs!

I'll try to keep updated, at least one post in a week. Sorry I often break this promise but I try my best. The reason I try to keep my blog updated is because I love writing fashion posts and it's just like somewhere sweet world to escape to. So please don't get bored to check my blog, I'd love to check yours too ;)

Let's talk about the look. Do you love this dress as much as I love it? I adore sooo many kinds of dresses, from the go-to-parties dresses to relaxing dresses. It gives a feminine look to the one who wears it. Oh one thing, appropriate dresses will give you a more classy and glamorous touch too!

Have a nice day everyone!

Earlitha Olivia