Saturday, 18 August 2012

Smileys Smile

Comes out an idea to make any smileys on my shorts, and I love the result so much! The yellow color of the shorts always cheers me up :) . It is so easy to make, you should try it too, trust me you won't regret! ;;)

Anyway, I would like to say Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri for those who celebrate :)

red top, DIY yellow shorts, black sweater, DIY dreamcatcher, versace belt, red glasses, random bracelet, black boots

Earlitha Olivia


5 Top Canadian Clothing Shopping Sites

Although there is an undeniable pleasure in taking to the streets in a shopping spree, online shopping has revolutionised shoppers' habits. Online clothing sites offer the possibility of browsing through hundreds of items and brands without even needing to leave the couch. Purchases can be made from the comfort of your living room and with total peace of mind. This article will list Canada's top 5 clothing websites.

1- CKA Canadian Clothing

Shoppers feeling patriotic (or those who are after a Canadian souvenir) must definitely check CKA's online store. CKA sells women, children, and men's T-shirts, embellished with the traditional maple leaf or the Canadian flag, among many other motifs. There are also bags, hoodies, and underwear on sale. CKA also offers a personalised T-shirt service, where buyers can choose from hundreds of pre-existing designs or upload their own pictures.

2- Proper Vintage Clothing

This site fills the demand for exclusive vintage clothes. The brand is based in Vancouver and it ships to Canada and the United States. At Proper Vintage Clothing, shoppers can find an extensive collection of hats, dresses, shoes, swim wear, and coats ranging from the 1920s to the 1980s.

3- Me and Mom

Because children and youngsters can also be fashionably dressed, Me and Mom is a one-stop-shop for your kid's clothing needs. From pretty marine stripes dresses to cosy crop pants, Me and Mom offers a selection of reasonably priced items (further discounts can be obtained by liking the website on social networks). The brand focuses on providing comfortable, well-fitting, and durable clothing. 

4- Garage Clothing

Aimed at teenager shoppers, Garage Clothing is the next best thing to attending a garage sale (at least in terms of pricing, as only new items are sold on this site). Tops can be found for as little as $5, while seasonal 50 per cent discounts can bring jeans down to $25.

5- HT Naturals

This brand will surely appeal those who are environmentally minded. HT Naturals is a Vancouver-based clothing manufacturer that produces garments made with natural materials like organic cotton, bamboo, or hemp. The brand's website sells T-shirts, hoodies, stretch pants, and uses natural dyes that do not harm the environment. HT's 100 per cent cotton Yaletown jeans are one of the brand's best-selling items, being stylish, comfortable, and easy on the pocket.

HT Naturals' products can also be bought from the Still Eagle website, a Canadian site that sells eco-friendly garments.

So that’s the list all that’s left is for you and your credit card to choose one or even all of these sites and get shopping!


  1. Lovely shorts! I like your outfit, it's so colorful!

  2. loving this colorful chic outfit !!!

  3. love the outfit... very colorful..


  4. nice one! I really love the way you play with colors <3
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  5. Eye-popping colors! I love how you DIYed some of the pieces in your outfit like the shorts and the dreamcatcher necklace. You're so creative. :)

  6. your short is sooooo funny!!! Like it!

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  7. Very nice outfit!!! We love the shorts!!!
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  8. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
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  9. Awesome shorts! That's such a fun idea :)