Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Fifteenth

So I turned 15 on the 1st of October, I feel so blessed that day. I would like to share the happiness with all of you dear my lovely readers, so hope you like this post. Spread the love! <3

I know you guys will stare at the photo because of the cake. 

That nasi tumpeng is on purposely for my birthday party hahaha.

With my lovely mom <3

My super cute sister

I went to have a small celebration that day since I don't have any tests or homeworks for the following day. A day without tests or homeworks, couldn't wish for anything better!

These are birthday gifts my super kind friends give to me, I LOVE it so much!

I feel so blessed although my classmates are seriously annoying that day. My friends and form teacher surprise me with a shocking (not really hehehe) news, but they're still totally amazing to me. Thank you so much, love you guys! 

I thank GOD that He has given me days to live and have an amazing family, super kind friends, and many others. I feel so blessed, thank you GOD! I hope I will have a wonderful year ahead, I can achieve my best in the studies at school, and success in every work that I do, AMEN!

And again I apologize for the lack of updates but I promise that I will post at least 1 post until Wednesday because I will have a 3 days holiday, yeaaay!

Earlitha Olivia


How truly in love newlyweds should feel and behave

Look how happy these two are, ad right because of that extreme happiness on their faces the shot looks fantastic. They are so sincere, so true and lovely, therefore, so adorable and sweet, you feel like looking at the shot and admiring these two over and over again. They share a really tender and sweet moment of just being together, laughing, and looking at their guests who are beyond the camera focus.

That’s their greatest and one and only beach wedding and there is absolutely no doubt they feel so great about it, who wouldn’t? They enjoy that moment of just being together and themselves, spending this gorgeous day with their friends and relatives, that feels absolutely great for them. And just take a look at their awesome costumes, how truly elegant they are in them! The bride is so stunning in her white dress, a bit skinny on the waist and fluffy on the hips and legs, it fits her just incredibly. The groom is also extremely stylish and fashionable in that black costume with a white shirt and a bow-tie, and they make up such an amazing stylish couple, standing together in the Breakers Palm Beach.

These two indeed look great together, absolutely fitting each other and completing ideally. They were definitely chosen for each other by the God himself and thus, they are meant to be together and feel that happiness of becoming husband and wife. That’s how truly in love newlyweds should feel and behave.


  1. i love your birthday's cake *.*
    nice photos :) and i love your outfit :)

  2. Happy Birthday dear :)

    Petush ♥

  3. happy birthday!
    sounds like you had a good one!

  4. Happy birthday!!!!!

  5. hay birthday dear! those photos are so lovely!


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    Jessie xx

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