Saturday, 13 October 2012

Holding The Sun

Do you love the photos as much as I do? hahaha I love the effects of sunset. It gives different lightning on every photos, isn't it? Oh and I don't give any effects/lightning on the photos :)

 over-sized blue denim shirt worn as mini dress, DIY dream catcher necklace, random bracelets, purple belt, connexion shoes

I apologize that I broke a promise to you last week, I'm doing a homework and I never thought that the questions would be that hard. I made that homework for 2 days day and night, I don't know whether the questions are too hard or is it me who don't understand the questions given. I promise I will not break any promises to you guys again!

Earlitha Olivia


Making New Purchases In A Tough Economy

With finance levels still low and consumers struggling to cope with financial demands on a regular basis, making new purchases may be far from the minds of the average shopper. Instead, saving money and cutting costs are on the agenda – but is there a way to get what you want without ruining your bank balance in the process?

Initiatives such as buy now pay later are a great option for those looking to make purchases without facing the financial implications of the purchase immediately, with payments distributed across a larger expanse of time. Buy now pay later schemes allow customers to invest in an array of clothing, furnishings and technology without paying anything for 12 months.

In order to delve into this deal, simply begin shopping! Choose everything and anything you wish, place it into your basket and enjoy the benefits. Once you have decided on a series of purchases, head to the checkout and wait for the magic to happen.

Whether you choose six months free of charge, 12 months repayments or a direct debit system, this is certainly one way to invest in a variety of purchases without paying for them straight away. With schemes of this type you can make the essential costs of life a lot more manageable.

Those that wish to further this deal can open up an options account and spread the cost over an even longer expanse of time once the initial 12 months is up. This system allows them to pay off a little at a time as opposed to facing the full whack as soon as the purchase is made. Interest charges may apply at this stage but they will be a fraction of the full payment and should be fairly manageable.

Paying small amounts over a long period of time is much easier than paying out a large sum on the spot and it could also help improve personal finance levels by providing manageable, regular repayments that you know to expect every month.

Of course, the benefits of this scheme are not just in finance management. This promotion is just one of the many virtues offered by online shopping today; others including less hassle, no queues and no parking fees.

Fighting your way through a busy shop in order to source a snazzy outfit for a special event is no longer necessary and all your shopping needs can be fulfilled from the comfort of your own abode.


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