Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coming Back

First statement I will and probably should say is "I miss my blog so much muachhh!" 

Ok, so now I know why many high school blogger rarely post something like I usually do on the blog. People say that high school is the best part of your life, so enjoy it the most. But school is getting muchmuch more hectic, I am on 11th grade and guess I have done my best on the 1st semester, but yet my classmates do much better than me. I need to push much more effort on semester 2! I love to blog but since school gives me these and those works so I rarely or almost never post something on the blog. Sorry for complaining sooo much about school and for not posting for months guys!

I was at Bali (again) for the new year's vacay!! I've never been bored of Bali, because I always find different places to go there, and this time I went to Amed!! The place was so beautiful wonderful and so nature! The view was so breath-taking, I slept at a villa where it was up on a hill, so you can see the whole Amed view! In front of the villa there is a swimming pool and down the hill there's the beach.

Talking about the outfit, I was wearing a loose asymmetric top and it was jewelry printed. Guess what, I love this top so much because it was crocheted at the back! You know how much I love crochet <3 Oh, and it matched so perfectly with an orange colored shorts and it makes the whole loo so bright and playful, I though it would just match with basic colors like a blue denim shorts.

Holiday posts coming soon guys, stay tuned!



  1. Hello from Spain: I like your top. Very trendy. Great pics. . Keep in touch

  2. So pretty doll, glad you are here :) xx

  3. Lovely look, like the color of the shorts, have a nice weekend!

  4. Cute combo, like the color of the shorts!